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~~ Let vegetarianism becomes a habit ~~

本店供養海濤法師一行 Master Hai Tao visit

素上签消息快递 Messege Express

素上簽 素食養生 旋轉小火鍋 全新概念 Vegetarian Conveyer Belt Hotpot

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火鍋鍋底 Hotpot Broth Base



Every pot of Surelyup broth base is carefully prepared with natural wild mushrooms, and it doesn't contain MSG. We called it is drinkable hotpot broth with combination of health and deliciousness with longstanding taste memory!

火鍋涮料 Hotpot Dish



Dozens of fresh seasonal vegetables, tofu products, as well as a variety of mushrooms, vegetarian meat and hot pot noodles are delivered to you in a conveyor-belt. It is guaranteed delicious, healthy and fun.

美味炒菜及外卖 Surelyup Delicious & Takeout



Deliciousness and health are always the theme what we pursue, even for rice bowl combo. Surelyup yami rice bowl combo is the best choice for economical and working lunch. Takeout order available.

彩色素水餃 Colored Veg Chinese Dumplings



 Four  seasons of color dumplings is one of the specialties in Surelyup. Made  from the natural color of various vegetable juices mixed with dumplings  dough, it is colorful and healthy. Takeout order available. 


All hotpot broth has no onions, leks, scallion, garlic, hingu / NO MSG.


Hotpot dish is pricing by plate, may contains MSG 

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素上簽素食養生旋轉小火鍋 SURELY.UP

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